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Be Secure with Cilynx

In a world undergoing a digital transformation, transition to the cloud and hybrid solutions. The cyber-security threat is more serious than ever.  Cilynx is leading the way by providing elite cyber-security services.  With the best security certifications and hands-on experience in the trenches of the cyber world. Cilynx is delivering the best value for your money.

Why Us?

High Quality

We at Cilynx understand the needs of your business. Our security services are provided with the business in mind. Continuity of operations, delivery and profitability while maintaining high security maturity and quality of service

Full Transparency

Our process from beginning till the end is fully transparent to the client. Starting from pricing, transparent scoping and high level of communication. We make sure that the client is always aware of what is being done in the project

We Are Small, But Professionals

Our team is comprised of top-notch certified security experts, from the Israeli intelligance and special army units.
Our approach is that there is no high enough wall, to protect you from cyber-attacks or cyber breach from happening. We are here to help you to raise the bar high enough, so that the attackers will exhaust their resources while trying to breach your business and will turn to other “easier” targets

We Support You When You Need Us

Cilynx is here for you, any time, any place you will get the support you need from our experts

Our Services


Business continuity consulting.
We ensure you are planning your security program correctly. We help you face challenges such as User Privacy, Secret Management, etc.
Regulation such as GDPR, HIPPA, and CCPA, via Risk Assessments and consulting.


We help bussiness to build their security teams. Providing secure architecture. Security Due-Diligence consulting, Secure Development, Purple Team Simulations and Security training.


Our team conducts Red Team activities and exercises for your organization. You can also trust us with Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Test for: Web, Mobile, Infrastructure & IoT.


We conduct Incident Response & Forensics all over the world!
In case you need someone to take ownership of a Cyber Incident Management - We are here for you. Taking the lead of a crisis and overcoming it with business continuity in mind.


Once an incident was over, you will need someone to build a mitigation plan, for this incident not repeat itself. We are here to provide you our expertise with SIEM and SOC teams around the world to create the very best playbook to face the future unknown attacks.

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