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Cyber Resilience Driven by Offensive Expertise

We combine our unique offensive and defensive skills with the best tools and technology to deliver quality service anywhere in the world.

Be Secure with Cilynx

In a digital transformation world, transition to the cloud and hybrid solutions, cybersecurity threat is more serious than ever. Cilynx is leading the way by providing elite cybersecurity services. With hands-on experience in the trenches of the cyber world, and a deep understanding of attackers’ perspective, Cilynx’s teams support renowned organizations from every major sector, with their cybersecurity needs.

Our expertise comes from working on hundreds of different projects, Penetration Tests, Vulnerability Assessments, Red & Purple teaming, Threat Hunting, Incident Response, and Training for organizations worldwide.

Why Choose Cilynx?

Proactive Prevention

Leveraging our extensive experience in conducting hundreds of cybersecurity projects across diverse industries worldwide, we emphasize a proactive approach to security. This proactive stance ensures that our customers benefit from heightened security readiness and resilience. They can confidently navigate the evolving threat landscape, knowing that their defenses are regularly tested and fortified against emerging cyber risks.

Ultimate Cyber Defense

Our experience acknowledges that no barrier is completely impenetrable to cyber-attacks. We are committed to elevating your defenses to such a level that attackers will exhaust their resources trying to penetrate your systems and move on.

Tailored Security Services

At Cilynx, we tailor our security services with a deep understanding of business needs, ensuring continuity of operations, delivery, and profitability while maintaining high levels of security maturity. We recognize that comprehending the unique aspects of each business and prioritizing client needs is essential.

Unmatched Insight and Innovative Defense Tactics

Our team is comprised of top-notch certified security experts with extensive experience and a deep understanding of the attackers’ perspective. We employ creative and clever tactics, operating on the principle that no barrier is high enough to completely prevent cyber-attacks or breaches.

Our Services

Proactive SOC Managed Service

Mitigate threats proactively by making Cilynx’s ethical hackers part of your extended team. Integrate continuous monitoring of your attack surface, leveraging advanced Red Teaming and Threat Hunting technologies and methodologies. This unique approach empowers security teams to shift from reactive to proactive, so defenses stay ahead of emerging cyber threats.

Red Team Simulation

Simulating realistic and modern attack techniques and tactics against your external and internal assets, providing insight into your environment’s resilience and defenses. This process concludes with customized action items to enhance your cybersecurity posture.

Purple Team Simulation

Combine the offensive tactics of the Red Team with the defensive strategies of the Blue Team. This approach not only identifies vulnerabilities but also enhances your organization’s ability to respond and adapt.

Penetration Testing

Expose vulnerabilities in various applications and environments. Educate developers and remediate vulnerabilities following industry standards, such as NIST, ISO27001, SOC2, DORA, NIS2, PCI-DSS, OWASP, CIS, and more.

Physical Security

Identify weaknesses in your facility's physical security controls by simulating how a real attacker would use social engineering techniques and bypass technical controls such as WiFi, CCTV, and access control systems to penetrate to restricted areas or information.

Incident Response and Forensics

Identity, investigate and respond to security breaches or incidents. Our attacker mindset uniquely enhances the work in the recovery and mitigation stages. We work with you and your IT teams to decrease the chance of the next one returning.

Threat Hunting

Search for attackers within your network proactively. Cilynx’s threat-hunting engagements follow the SANS model, which we use to generate effective, repeatable processes. The team has deep experience working with leading EDR and XDR providers.

Security Product Warzone

Break and overcome high-reputation security products like your EDRs or email filtering solutions to assess their coverage. Cilynx’s Red Team audits and tests from an attacker’s perspective, enhancing your understanding of product limitations.

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Gather and analyze cyber threat intelligence to understand threats your organization faces, including their modus operandi, motives, and potential business impact. Cilynx expert team uses automated and manual proprietary and public tools to provide comprehensive coverage and deep insight, helping to identify, prepare for, and protect against emerging cyber risks.

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