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Be Secure with Cilynx

In a world undergoing a digital transformation, transition to the cloud and hybrid solutions. The cyber-security threat is more serious than ever.  Cilynx is leading the way by providing elite cyber-security services.  With the best security certifications and hands-on experience in the trenches of the cyber world. Cilynx is delivering the best value for your money.

Why Us?

Full Transparency

Our process from beginning till the end is fully transparent to the client. Starting from pricing, transparent scoping and high level of communication. We make sure that the client is always aware of what is being done in the project

High Quality

We at Cilynx understand the needs of your business. Our security services are provided with the business in mind. Continuity of operations, delivery and profitability while maintaining high security maturity and quality of service

We Support You When You Need Us

Cilynx is here for you, any time, any place you will get the support you need from our experts

We Are Small, But Professionals

Our team is comprised of top-notch certified security experts, from the Israeli intelligance and special army units. Our approach is that there is no high enough wall, to protect you from cyber-attacks or cyber breach from happening.

Our Services

Red Team Simulation

Simulating realistic and modern attack techniques and tactics against your external and internal assets provides deep insight into how your environment stands against a real-time threat and concludes customized action items to improve your cyber security resilience and defenses.

Purple Team Simulation

Combining our Red Team experts with your Cyber Security Blue Team to generate pre-defined and customized vectors that fit the core business infrastructure of your organization in an increasingly productive manner due to the fact that the offensive and defensive operators share real-time data on both sides of the attack simulation, thus managing to both generate live adjustments to your security posture, and yield even more educated conclusions in the long run.

Penetration Testing

Expose vulnerabilities in Web Applications, Mobile Applications, Desktop Applications, IoT devices, cloud, and more. In tailor-made attack vectors and test scenarios that come to focus on the core business impacts. Working to educate developers and remediate vulnerabilities following the industry standards and best practices, such as NIST, ISO27001, SOC2, PCI-DSS, OWASP, CIS, CSA, CREST, and more.

Security Product Warzone

Even when using high reputation security products like EDR's or Email Filtering solutions, your insight towards the level of protection they bring to your specific environment is never complete. Breaking and overcoming security products is at the core of the Cilynx Red Teamer's heart - making us the perfect auditor to methodologically test and review the level of coverage of your solutions and generate an attacker mindset overview of the product's coverage in your specific configuration and organizational limitations.

Incident Response and Forensics

Our unique insight into the DFIR world is our offensive grains. Our analysts had all been in the mindset of an attacker and are constantly researching the most advanced TTP's, and with a combination of vast experience in the incident response part, have unique capabilities from evidence collection, forensic analysis, and threat detection all the way to IOC creation/implementation, threat containment, remediation, recovery, and crisis management. Our main differentiator is in the recovery and mitigation stages. We help organizations fully mitigate and recover from the attack while working together with the IT teams to decrease the chance of the next one returning.

Threat Hunting

Threat Hunting is the process of proactively searching through a network to detect, isolate and protect against advance threats. This is an analyst-driven process that defines and searches for attacker tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP) within the environment. Cilynx's Threat Hunting services are highly inspired by SANS' Threat Hunting Cycle Model (Purpose, Scope, Equip, Plan review, Execution, and Feedback) that consists of sequential phases, which we use as a basis for generating an effective, repeatable process. The team has proficiency working with SentinelOne, Crowdstrike, End-Game, and other EDR, XDR providers.

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